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Gold Standard Research

Arly is built upon BellXcel’s extensive 30-year legacy of high-quality, evidence-based programming. This model, rigorously tested in diverse controlled settings and critically reviewed by experts, has been translated into our practical, scalable solution—unlike any on the market today. 

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs

Arly offers a solution with the essential ingredients that independent reviews have shown meets strict state and federal standards. Expand accessibility to high-quality learning in your community and satisfy rigorous funding requirements. 

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RAND Study: Investing in Successful Summer Programs

RAND Corporation's Investing in Successful Summer Programs, an independent review of summer programs nationwide confirms BellXcel meets the highest levels of evidence — 1 of only 43 summer programs in the U.S. with this distinction. 

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RAND Study: Getting to Work on Summer Learning

The RAND Corporation's six-year study of the National Summer Learning Project by the Wallace Foundation culminates in this final report about districts' implementation of their summer learning programs. 

We take research and evidence to heart

Arly’s enduring commitment to continuous improvement relies on rigorous data collection, research, and evaluation. Our research affiliate, SCRI, works with an expert research advisory board and renowned research partners to challenge and test our solutions regularly so you don't have to. 

Because Quality Matters 

We know the markers that drive high-quality outcomes. In partnership with our affiliate, SCRI, we translate that knowledge into practical tools and resources for youth development leaders and schools.

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Summer Learning Program Evaluation Guide

This guide will help you understand your program's impact, identify strengths, and develop processes for continuous improvement and long-term sustainability.

Download the Guide

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Remote Quality Reflection Tool

We know how important quality experiences are to a young person's ability to learn and grow. Access this free tool designed for youth organizations and schools

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