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Why Arly? 

Our mission is to empower youth programming providers with strategies and solutions to positively impact the quality of life for the children they serve. 

Arly is a purpose-built youth development business management solution. Unlike any other solution in the market today, Arly integrates all the ingredients proven to run high-quality youth programs–from resources, management strategies and tools to professional development and curriculum. What do we mean by proven? We mean independently-validated evidence of high-quality outcomes from over 30 years of our customers’ success, as well as our own experience as practitioners. 

Our Origin Story

Arly’s Innovative Roots

Youth program providers leverage a multitude of tools and software to run their programs. We know how much time and effort that takes–and how it distracts from the true mission of elevating the potential of youth. 

Lauren Sanchez Gilbert, Ed.D., CEO of BellXcel led the innovation of Arly to respond to this need. “From clipboards to spreadsheets and multiple software solutions, data and coordination has been very fragmented,” Dr. Sanchez Gilbert said. “Many industries have been transformed through technology, all with common drivers to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve outcomes. And in this space, where the ultimate beneficiary is our children, the need to drive improvements could not be greater.”

Arly was created to power up the youth development sector, combining business management tools with content to pursue our customers’ desired impact in the communities they serve. This magic combination helps to increase efficiency, reduce costs and lead to better outcomes. 

When we say Arly is a complete solution–that means something different to us than it does to other software companies. It means having all the essentials for high-quality programming unified at your fingertips.

Afterall, while ditching the clipboard is a nice incentive, what matters most to us is providing customers with everything needed to implement life-changing experiences for the youth in your community.

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"Arly is more than just software, it is about changing lives. Everything in our solution is rooted in proven evidence and practice - because outcomes matter, particularly for those that need quality experiences most."

Dr. Lauren Sanchez Gilbert
CEO of Arly

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Meet BellXcel

BellXcel is a national leader in youth programming solutions, leveraging nearly 30 years of practitioner experience to help thousands of program staff and administrators reach nearly a half million children. 

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