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Measurement & Reporting

Arly is built upon what the evidence proves it takes to get great outcomes. Take the guesswork out of maximizing your impact. Leverage Arly to get the data you need to provide high-quality experiences that improve the life trajectory of youth in your community.

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Analytics Reports

Analytics & Reports

The evidence is clear on what leads to high-quality programs with great impact. How do you measure up? Let's work together to drive better outcomes.

Monitor data across all of your sites, such as recruitment status, attendance and staff learning, as you benefit from a bird’s eye view of trends and insights.

Prove your impact to stakeholders, showcasing your outcomes and rigorous measurement data. 

Utilize Arly’s marketing resources and impact reporting to bring your story to life. 

You care about the impact your program is making. We do too.

Explore how Arly can help drive high-quality and improve outcomes. 

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Assessments Surveys

Assessments & Surveys 

Take the guesswork out of gauging the success of your program offerings. Leverage Arly’s multiple assessments and surveys to prove impact and learn what sets you apart from other programming choices.

Access Arly’s pre-designed surveys for staff, families and youth participants to gain insight into their experiences and inform future programming decisions. 

Phone a friend! Arly’s customer experience leads have deep knowledge and expertise as partners in your success. They are ready to talk through your results and strategies to enhance your program experience.

Leverage Arly’s evidence-based quality screener tool to uncover how your program aligns with six research-based quality indicators–with key insights that can drive improvements.


Discover the difference

Utilize feedback captured from your end-of-program surveys to make data-driven enhancements to your program and share your story. Understand engagement, experience, well-being, academics, and program satisfaction. 


of youth said they enjoyed the program.


of staff felt youth had voice and choice in their program.


of families were highly satisfied with the program.

Since we are funded primarily through 21st CCLC, we needed to maintain 80% attendance throughout the program. In the past, this was something I calculated on my own. It was so convenient being able to check Arly’s attendance portal for a quick check of how the attendance for each site was looking.

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Measure more than their smiles with Arly

Make your program or activity measurable from the start. Discover trends, success stories, and highlight your impact to stakeholders.

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Explore impactful resources for your youth program. Discover trends, success stories, and Arly solutions.

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Guide to Program Planning

Understand what it takes to plan a high-quality program, from two months to one week prior to program launch.

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Ensure the quality of your youth program. Discover how Arly’s comprehensive solution can help.

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