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Family Engagement Hero

Family Engagement for Year-round Youth Programs

Strengthen engagement with families around the most important aspect of your programtheir children. Make it easy for families to keep their child's information current and stay connected day-to-day!

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Arly App v2

Integrated Family Communication App

Arly's powerful communication app makes it easier than ever for teachers, staff, and administrators to build connections with families and guardians. 

Ensure little is lost in translation as families can send and receive messages in multiple languages.

Stay connected with photos, announcements, newsletters, and direct messages through the Arly appgiving families visibility into their child’s incredible experiences. 

Ensure families and staff members responsible for their kids are able to communicate in real-time, like a heads-up on early dismissals, sick days, and more.

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Family Portal 1

Family Portal

Give families and guardians the ability to be in the driver’s seat of managing their child’s information and resources.

Provide convenient online registration for one or multiple program offerings for all of their children.

Customize Arly’s family portal and reinforce your program’s branding for a consistent experience. 

Families can upload documents and acknowledge waivers, maintaining each of their child’s information in one secure locationacross all of your programs.

Families have easy access to their child's profile so they can keep important information up-to-date, including safety details like health information and authorized pick-ups.

Discover the difference

Discover the positive impact Arly has on youth programs, including enhanced family engagement, through real-world data and testimonials from families whose children attended programs powered by Arly.

Families reported very positive experiences:


felt welcome to engage with staff.


felt valued as a partner in their child's learning.


felt informed about program expectations.

I noticed my son is more helpful and prone to take the lead. I learned that his teacher has been encouraging him to be more assertive. I feel very supported by the teachers.

parent of 2023 summer participant

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Family Engagement: Communicating Your Program's Story

You naturally want family and community members to get excited about your program. Although it’s easy to become wrapped up in communicating your program’s value to potential donors and partners, family engagement is just as critical.

Strengthen family communication with Arly

Discover Arly’s powerful tools for making families feel a part of their child’s experience.

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