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Flexible Curriculum

Enjoy the freedom to select curriculum to match your program goals, whether your program is focused on academics, enrichment or sports–choose Arly’s or your own! 

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Arly’s curriculum options


  Enrichment curriculum 

Equip kids with vital life skills through engaging activities that positively shape program culture. Enhance the learning opportunities your program offers with this dynamic curriculum designed for PreK-8.

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Explorers Elementary Curriculum

Help children develop skills essential for their personal growth and success in life. Designed for grades PreK-6, the elementary curriculum focuses on fun for kids and is easy to use and deliver by staff, no matter their experience level.

Fun and interactive training, along with scripting and little to no prep, offers easy facilitation for your staff.

Thoughtfully crafted with essential components such as Routines, Life Skills Activities, Themed Adventures, Discussions, Connections, and Fitness, this curriculum positively influences youth programs.

Activities are organized into themes like space, flight, monsters and more, and offer flexible implementation that allows you to decide how to best incorporate them into your program.

Opportunities to develop competencies and interpersonal skills are infused in each activity, helping children grow and pursue their best selves.


Targeting key body areas and movements, our functional fitness approach develops practical skills that translate seamlessly into everyday life.

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Explorers Middle School Curriculum

Embark on a journey of leadership development. Our curriculum aligns with the unique developmental needs of middle schoolers, fostering responsibility, compassion, and the skills needed to become impactful leaders.

Engage in a structured curriculum that progressively builds leadership skills, empowering youth to take on responsibilities and challenges.

Familiar elements like Discussions, Connections and Life Skill Activities are tailored for middle school with a focus on leadership. 

Our introductory Service Learning Projects provide a structured, step-by-step guide for educators and youth, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience from start to finish.

Engaging Virtual Field Trips to diverse locations offer insights into future leadership and career possibilities, with high-interest themes, easy facilitation, and extension activities.

Optimize functional fitness by targeting key body areas and movements, with a focus on individual progress for middle schoolers. 

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Discover the difference

See how the Explorers curriculum helps instill a positive mindset and learning environment, backed by real-world data and testimonials from participants, staff, and families of 2023 programs powered by Arly. 


of youth learned they can get better by working hard.


of families said their child's self-confidence improved.


of staff felt the program promoted well-being.

I really enjoyed seeing the kids' faces while they were participating in the enrichment activities. Because of [the program] I feel the kids were able to experience things that they have never experienced before.

2023 program staff member

Pacing Guides v3

Pacing Guides

Sample pacing guides make it easy to help you strategize the implementation of curriculum into your program schedule. Arly’s downloadable pacing template also helps you shape your program your way.

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Scholastic Scholar Zone

Created in partnership with Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books, Scholar Zone Extended Learning and Scholar Zone Summer offer world-class curriculum including reading/ELA and math instruction to give children the extra enrichment that builds academic success. 



Scholar Zone Extended Learning

Give kids the extra reinforcement that builds academic success anytime – from afterschool, high dose tutoring, vacation camps, and boosts throughout the school day, to everything in between. Improve content and instruction quality while simplifying administration. 

Encourage literacy skill development with our captivating reading curriculum, designed for easy and flexible implementation. 

Expand mathematical thinking with engaging and accessible activities that connect children to intriguing, real-world math situations based on science, technology, engineering, and the arts.

Digital teacher's guide and professional learning, along with detailed scope and sequence, support easy implementation for non-certified staff.

Expand learning throughout the program with additional lessons and 50% more read-aloud books per grade.

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SZ Summer 2023

Scholar Zone Summer

Support children with summer learning through high-quality reading, writing, and math curriculum and watch those smiles shine! Whether your program is in the classroom, community center, or small-group setting, Scholar Zone Summer combines Scholastic’s leading instructional resources and texts with Arly’s powerful solution.

Built on evidence-based practices and aligned with the Science of Reading, Scholar Zone Summer incorporates instructional best practices to drive consistent outcomes and academic gains through daily instruction in reading, writing and math. 

Includes a variety of engaging whole-group, small-group, and independent learning activities along with cross-content reading and writing that can be integrated into your programming.

Teacher guides with scaffolded lessons, detailed scope and sequence highlighting key objectives, and asynchronous professional learning elevate your teaching experience. 

Five to six weeks of 90-minute daily instruction available in both reading and writing, as well as math. 

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Discover the difference

Academic programs powered by Arly celebrated momentous gains last summer!


months average literacy gain for participants.


months average math gain for participants.


of staff said youth grew more confident in learning.

I enjoy watching the kids feel more confident in their abilities with a little bit of extra help, especially the amount of growth that has happened in such a short period of time.

2023 summer staff member

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Explore How Teacher Practices Boosted Throughout the School Yeara Statistically Significant Finding!

The findings in this study can help school leaders and youth program administrators to make professional learning an intentional piece of their programs and focus on strategies that can be used during the school year.

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