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Setting SMART Youth Program Goals

Use this checklist to learn about SMART goal setting and think through how you can make improvements to your:

  • Program Administration
  • Youth management
  • Family engagement
  • Culture and Climate
  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Evaluation and assessment
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7 Steps to a Positive Learning Environment

In this checklist, we answer questions such as, what does a positive learning environment look like, the benefits of achieving this ideal, and how can you make this type of learning environment a reality by providing actionable tips you can start putting into practice to make every child feel well-supported. 

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Partnership Profile Assessment

This assessment will help in conducting a deeper due diligence. Use this template to guide your narrative throughout the process, especially when creating a presentation and responding to an RFP, and even after partnering.

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Partner Readiness Assessment

This assessment will help youth program leaders organize general information about a school district to understand if an opportunity for partnership exists by learning where they are and how you might help their progress.

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Site Visit Briefing Document

This briefing document will help you keep your leadership team and staff members informed of key attendees and information associated with your upcoming open house.


Site Visit Checklist

This checklist will help youth program leaders plan and execute site visits so guests leave the experience feeling enthusiastic about your impact and invested in the long-term success of your program.